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Getting You Road-Ready & Ready For Registration

Many drivers don’t know that car inspections are not mandatory is some states. But if you’re driving a vehicle in Missouri, you gotta get it inspected. It’s one of the states that make it mandatory. Our highways are a little safer today, because we make sure no vehicles on our roads are compromising public safety. New drivers and vehicle to the state are welcome to US Automotive. Our go-to facility is here to make sure your vehicle is ready from top to bottom, inside and out.

If your vehicle should fail any portion of the inspection process, you can relax knowing that you’re already in the right place. Come to us first! US Automotive’s expert facility is the perfect location for car inspection services. Drivers may come to us with a failing vehicle, but they leave with a full-enhanced automobile. We make receiving car inspection services and any subsequent auto repair or lube service more convenient.

Failed Your Inspection?–We’ll Be Right There!

When you receive your registration renewal notice, it’ll tell you if you need a car inspection service. It’s only necessary every other year in Missouri. The model year of your vehicle should coincide with the calendar year. Meaning, odd model years should be inspected in odd calendar years. The same holds true for even models and years.

US Automotive’s careful inspections will make sure you’re road-ready. That includes any emissions testing and smog checks. Should you fail these emissions tests, we’re able to fix your exhaust system completely. Failed emissions tests are not only a threat to you, but also to your passengers. Protecting the environment is a priority to the State of Missouri so it’s a priority to us. You and your passengers are included in that so we make your car inspections a top priority. US Automotive makes sure your vehicle is always up to Missouri state standards by meeting all safety laws.

Schedule Your Car Inspection in Nixa, MO

Make us your go-to car inspection facility! Our techs who perform thorough car inspection services also perform complete auto repairs. US Automotive makes your vehicle ready for the road. If you’ve been notified about a registration renewal and a car inspection need, then we should be your first call! Give us a call at 417-865-2337 if you’d like to schedule an inspection service today. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. And next time you’re in the area, stop by our shop at 1842 North Deffer Drive; it’s fine to walk-in with any service request including inspection service. We look forward to serving you and thoroughly inspecting your vehicle.