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Vehicle inspections are mandatory for all vehicles in Missouri, it’s not an option. However, you do have a choice in where you receive your inspection services. Our location at 330 East Kearney Street is an authorized inspection location serving the entire state of Missouri.

If you’re new to the state, then let us, first of all, WELCOME you to the “Show-Me State.” Next, we invite you to this area’s full-service auto repair facility. It only makes sense that a top-of-the-line service facility like US Automotive would be an official vehicle inspection station. That means every vehicle that leaves our facility, leaves in optimal condition, whether it failed an inspection or has a major repair need. Come to us first before heading to another other facility, because we have the experts, the equipment and the repair solutions you need. The overall convenience of US Automotive inspection services is what makes us this area’s preferred option.

Failed a Smog Check or Emissions Inspection?

Missouri’s Department of Revenue (DOR) sends motorists a registration renewal notice whenever it’s time for renewal. This notice will inform you if an inspection is necessary. As a rule, Missouri vehicles will require an inspection every other year. Even model year vehicles need to be inspected in even calendar years. Odd model year vehicles should be inspected in odd calendar years.

Our thorough inspections get you ready for the road and ready for registration. Part of your vehicle’s thorough inspection is making sure that your vehicle does not pose a threat to you, fellow passengers, and other drivers on the road. We’ll make sure your vehicle’s emissions are up to Missouri state standards and safety laws. Protecting the environment means protecting Missouri motorist, and that means you!

Schedule Your Car Inspection Service Today!

Our team is here to get you ready for the road. Whether your vehicle is new to the state or it’s that time of year, we’re your one-stop repair facility. Come to get your vehicle’s inspection completed quickly and accurately. Should your vehicle fail any parts of the inspection process, no need to worry. By the time you leave, you’ll pass with flying colors. We save you time and money by getting your inspections, emissions testing, repairs, and lube service all at the same place and the same day. Give us a call at 417-865-2337 if you’d like to schedule an inspection service today. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. And next time you’re in the area, it’s fine to walk-in with any service request including inspection service. We look forward to serving you and thoroughly inspecting your vehicle.