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Protect & Preserve Your Engine

The heart of your vehicle is its engine. Treat it like you want it to keep “beating” for as long as you’re behind the wheel. Oil changes are the key to extending your engine’s road life and enhancing your vehicle’s overall performance. US Automotive understands how owners can overlook the all-important oil change sometimes. Your days are already busy enough. Of all your daily tasks, the semi-annual oil change is easily postponed. That may seem like a good idea at the time but your engine might disagree.

Oil changes are vital to keeping your engine clean and operating at the proper viscosity. When owners delay oil change services, they make their engines susceptible to breakdowns and expensive automotive repairs. It all starts with the increased metal-on-metal friction from the lack of lubrication. This causes the engine’s components to work harder and leads to repair needs.

Effective Oil Change Schedules

Poor gas mileage is always a result of an engine that misses oil changes. Poor gas mileage has always been a result of an engine that misses oil changes. US Automotive in Springfield keeps an eye on your vehicle’s overall performance with an effective oil change schedule. We’re here to save you time and money with our quick and affordable maintenance services. Our team uses the best quality motor oil brands for all oil change services. Our oil filter changes help eliminate all dirt and debris from your vehicle’s engine.

Let our ASE Certified techs put you on the appropriate oil change schedule. You’ll notice stronger engine performance and a heavier wallet after you leave the gas station. We consider your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the terrain you’ll be driving on when designing your oil change service schedule. Let’s not ignore your vehicle’s most important service. Timely oil change schedules keep “the heart” performing at its best.

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