5 Best Practices to Keep Your Fleet Running

Your business relies on your fleet to be up and running. When one or more of your vehicles is out of commission, your business will feel the impact. However, by following a few guidelines and having a trusted mechanic that excels in MO fleet repair, you can have peace of mind.

At U.S. Automotive, our team is here to help protect your fleet by providing the highest quality maintenance services. You have enough to worry about day in and day out when running a business; the integrity of your vehicles shouldn’t be one of those things. In this article, we’re highlighting five simple ways to keep your fleet working for you.

Talk to your mechanic about a preventative service plan

Preventative maintenance is essential for any vehicle. However, when it concerns a fleet of vehicles that are frequently driven, maintenance is even more critical. Normal wear and tear happens, but staying on top of the needs of your fleet will ensure that your business’s vehicles are performing when you need them to be.

Create a schedule that you will honor

By creating a realistic maintenance schedule that works for your daily routine, you’re more likely to stick with it. Our team of expert mechanics will sit with you to explain what your fleet requires to run at optimum levels. From there, scheduling out service dates that work for you will ensure that your vehicles are receiving the attention they deserve.

Keep detailed service records

If there’s ever a question about a specific vehicle within the fleet, having accurate records can be a lifesaver. Although we’re pretty efficient here at U.S. Automotive, it’s always a good idea to have complete files on your own. Having these records will also help you determine if a particular vehicle demands more on your budget then others. Furthermore, if you want to sell a vehicle, the potential buyer will want to see any and all service records.

Educate your drivers with best practices

By holding your drivers accountable, you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear to your fleet. For example, excessive or hard braking, frequent accelerations within a short distance, idling, and so on can all add to repair and fuel costs. By making small investments, there’s software available that can help you track the driving habits of your workers. Let’s face it; most people won’t treat a company vehicle as if it were their own. Incentive and accountability are two ways to change this habit.

Check the tire pressure

A quick practice before hitting the road for the day is checking the vehicle’s tire pressure. Even better is that this simple task can be performed by anyone. By doing so, you’ll ensure the best handling and fuel economy, as well as avoid potential blowouts.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust with your MO fleet service needs, look no further than U.S. Automotive. Contact our team of experienced technicians today to schedule your appointment (417) 725-3586.

Written by U.S. Automotive