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Your Springfield Mechanic Shop is Here For Spring Maintenance

Although the lasting effects of Mother Nature are still lingering, it’s never too early to think spring. Technically, it is spring! That being said, it’s time to consider a visit to your trusted Springfield mechanic shop, US Automotive. Because winter in this part of the country can be especially tough on vehicles, it should come

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Understanding 30/60/90,000 Mile Services

  Establishing and understanding a regular preventative maintenance schedule with your trusted auto repair shop in Missouri, U.S. Automotive, is a must-do. Regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, following the manufacturer’s schedule is the best way to ensure optimal performance during the life of your vehicle. In this article, we’re taking an in-depth look at

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5 Best Practices to Keep Your Fleet Running

Your business relies on your fleet to be up and running. When one or more of your vehicles is out of commission, your business will feel the impact. However, by following a few guidelines and having a trusted mechanic that excels in MO fleet repair, you can have peace of mind. At US Automotive, our