Brake Repair in Ozark, Missouri

What To Do In a Brake Failure Situation

One of Your Worst Nightmares

For most motorists, brake failure is, as the saying goes, one of their worst nightmares. Indeed, it is frightening to think of all the things that could happen if your vehicle is traveling out of control and you are powerless to stop it. Your auto travels about 80 feet in one second if you're driving a reasonable speed of 55 mph. With no brakes, the next second could take you through a busy intersection or into a crowded playground. U.S. Automotive in Ozark, Missouri, a family-operated business that cares about your well-being, is happy to help you with all your brake repair needs (brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, fluid exchange, or any other service). Furthermore, we're happy to give you a few pointers to help you avert disaster should you find yourself in an emergency braking situation.

Actions to Take if Your Brakes Fail

While nobody wants to experience brake failure, it's best to have a plan of action to minimize the ramifications. First, try to avoid panicking. Although you need to think and react quickly, avoiding full panic mode will help you handle the crisis more effectively. Next, be sure your foot is completely off the accelerator so that your automobile will gradually begin losing speed. Try pumping the brake pedal. This may help the braking system rebuild some of the hydraulic pressure it may have lost. If you feel the brakes beginning to act, hold steady pressure on the pedal until the car stops. Also, begin gradually engaging the emergency (parking) brake. This backup brake works separately from the primary system by way of a cable that engages the stopping mechanism. As a matter of common sense, to every extent possible steer away from traffic and people. It's better to scrape alongside a fence, for instance, than to plow into pedestrians. Although green grass is lovely, it's far better for your physical safety if you go through a lawn rather than hit a building. Once your car is stopped, be sure the parking brake is set. Do not attempt to drive it again--even for a short distance. Call for a tow truck instead.

Mitigating the Risks for Brake Failure

Not all brake failures can be avoided, but you can greatly minimize the risk by being proactive. Bring your vehicle to U.S. Automotive for routine brake inspections and brake services. If you notice any warning signs (the ABS/brake light is illuminated, you hear grinding or squealing as you apply brakes, or you have less stopping power), don't delay. A routine brake repair today can help you prevent a catastrophic brake failure tomorrow.

Written by U.S. Automotive