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State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

Engineers are designing more sophisticated automobiles every year. Auto technicians have to keep up with this innovation to make sure their auto services are effective. In addition to your vehicle’s advanced engine and mechanical systems are its complex computer systems.

US Automotive uses the latest technologies to analyze your vehicle’s true condition. Every quality auto repair starts with the ability to properly diagnose. Our team is well-trained with decades of service experience but a mechanic is only good as his wrench. Most newer vehicle systems operate using computers so computerized diagnostic equipment is a necessity.

Trust our technicians because we stay abreast of all the latest technologies. We apply them correctly and to our customer’s benefit. Often what separates US Automotive’s master technicians from our competition is our ability to utilize computer diagnostics. We’re not using trial and error to “figure out” what’s wrong. We’re performing diagnoses with speed and accuracy.

Keeping You Ahead of Repairs–Computer Diagnostics

Wise men say: If you want to be rich, save. US Automotive says: If you want to save your vehicle, prevent. Just like you should visit your doctor long before you have health issues, the best time to visit our auto repair shop is when NOTHING is wrong with your vehicle. That’s the trick to extending your vehicle’s road-life, giving our technicians a chance to prevent any performance issue.

The most effective tool we have is our computer diagnostic equipment. This not only lets us identify your vehicle’s current condition, but also recognize potential problems down the road. Let our team use the industry’s best diagnostic equipment to save you time, money, and stress. If today your engine is running fine and sounding great, then our computer diagnostics keep an eye on the future. But of course if you notice something wrong with your vehicle’s performance, our computerized diagnostic equipment will find the right repair solution.

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Prevention is the name of the game. And our advanced diagnostic equipment is how you can prevent expensive repairs. US Automotive is here to keep you on the road, not in our service bay. If your vehicle spends a lot of time in our repair shop then we’re not doing our jobs. All we need is your vehicle, and a chance to perform timely maintenance and computer diagnostic services. Give us a call today at one of our four locations to schedule your computer diagnostic today!