Engine Repair in Ozark, Missouri

Common Reasons that Your Engine Won't Start

Dead on Start

Oh, no! You've turned the key, but your engine won't start. What could be the problem? We're glad to review for you the most common underlying causes of vehicle starting failure. Also, the professional technicians at U.S. Automotive in Ozark, Missouri, make engine repairs for any make or model. Our high-quality work is backed by a superior 36-month/36,000 mile warranty. Furthermore, we offer all the conveniences that make a trip to the repair shop a little easier. These include a coffee bar with a TV and wifi, shuttle or loaner car alternative transportation, and even the option of financing your mechanical work.

Most Frequent Reasons for Engines Not Starting

While there may be a myriad of reasons a vehicle won't start, most often the situation is attributable to a few common culprits. One of the most obvious and well-known is a dead battery. An automobile's battery provides the electricity needed to start the car. If the battery is weakened due to age or other decline and/or if the lights or other power drains have been left turned on, the battery may not be capable of supplying enough power for cranking. Another related problem is alternator failure. The alternator recharges the battery as you drive as well as supplies needed power to components in lieu of the battery during vehicle operation. If the alternator fails, accessories quickly drain the battery which is simultaneously not recharging, leaving it dead and unable to start the car. A bad starter or ignition switch can also prevent your automobile from firing up. The starter has a small gear that turns to engage the flywheel. If it doesn't turn (or doesn't turn quickly enough), your car won't start. Likewise, a bad ignition switch is a problem because it is responsible for operating the starter. Finally, an engine that won't start could have a fuel system issue such as a non-functional fuel pump, clogged fuel injectors, or a dirty fuel filter that is restricting the flow of gasoline or diesel fuel.

Reputable Engine Repairs Near You

No matter the ailment that's preventing your vehicle from starting, count on U.S. Automotive. If the problem turns out to be something other than one of the above-mentioned typical causes, we can assist you with that, too. Our mechanics perform a full range of services and repairs, from the cylinder and valve work to timing belts/chains to a complete engine rebuild. We've built a solid reputation in our nearly four decades in business, so you can feel confident entrusting your automobile to us.

Written by U.S. Automotive