Fleet Service in Springfield, MO

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Fleet Repair & Maintenance Services

Your business or organization has enough to worry about, without its fleet being on the sideline. You need your fleet of vehicles to be productive and full strength, and we know how to make sure it stays that way. US Automotive in Springfield brings you peace of mind. We give you extra time to think about business operations while we handle all of your fleet services.

Bringing your vehicles to us before there’s any performance problem is a perfect time! The worst time is when drivers are on the clock, en route to an appointment, or making you money. Our team provides the fleet services that will keep your fleet in circulation, and keep your business profitable. You need a fleet service team that you can trust. Make sure your fleet get the proper attention with timely maintenance services. Avoid breakdown and downtime by letting us handle your fleet repairs and services.

Protect Your Fleet–Quality Maintenance Services

With an effective maintenance service plan, your fleet will stay ahead of all expensive repairs and untimely breakdowns. There’s never a good time for a breakdown but they always seem to come at the worst possible time. If and when this happens, you need a repair team that can fix your vehicle’s issue quickly. We want your fleet fully operational, but that only happens when you plan for it.

US Automotive’s expert auto services are proactive, meaning we identify your fleet’s potential problem down the road and fix them today. In your line of work, time and money are precious. You can’t afford to waste either. Our team of ASE Certified technicians will save you more time and more money with an excellent service plan. If your fleet every runs into repair needs, there’s no better shop that US Automotive. Give us your trust and your fleet, and you’ll watch your business productivity and profits increase.

Schedule Your Fleet Repair Today!

US Automotive wants you to plan for quality fleet performance. Our technicians know exactly how to diagnose and service your fleet so that it meets all of your expectations. Take fleet service off of your plate and put it on ours, so you can continue running your business. The key to your fleet’s worry-free driving experiences is our preventative maintenance. Plan for it today with a call to one of our four expert service facilities. We’re serving businesses throughout the Southwest Missouri area. We want to improve your fleet longevity and performance as well. Feel free to use our online scheduling system to schedule your appointment right now!