Oil Change in Springfield, Missouri

Of Equal Importance: Your Vehicle's Oil Filter

Giving Equal Credit

You already know that regular oil changes are incredibly important to keeping your vehicle running at its best and helping to ensure it's long life. As crucial as the lubricant is, however, be sure to give equal credit to your car's oil filter. If you change your oil (whether you're using conventional, fully synthetic, or synthetic blend) without replacing the filter, you're essentially defeating the purpose because the oil is quickly contaminated again. When you entrust your vehicle to the professional technicians at U.S. Automotive in Springfield, Missouri (Sunshine St. location), for preventive maintenance services, you don't have to worry about the thoroughness of oil change services or be concerned about protecting your engine.

Oil Filter Information

Although an oil filter is a single disposable, relatively inexpensive unit that's replaced during lubrication service, it's actually composed of multiple components and layers to ensure maximum effectiveness. For example, there are valves to control oil flow as well as gaskets to create seals such that the lubricant doesn't escape. Also, there are cloth or paper fibers inside to capture dirt and debris while allowing oil to pass through. This interior feature is typically multi-layered and most often pleated. The pleated design has been found to capture and hold more foreign particles than non-pleated (smooth) material. Whereas oil filters were once made using only natural fibers such as cotton inside the visible steel protective shell, most now take advantage of synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc.) because these remain permeable while boasting better filtration (a measure of the percentage of particles trapped). It's always better to have some oil rather than none. If you find that your auto is critically low on lubricant, you should add some. However, you should not delay bringing your car in for service. Obviously, one of our mechanics will need to be sure there's no leak that caused the low level. Then we'll change the oil as well as the filter to be sure that your lubricant is clean moving forward.

Your Local Shop for Preventive Maintenance Services

For most owners, a vehicle is important. Cars are expensive, and breakdowns are a hassle. Thus, it's wise to protect your transportation investment with routine preventive maintenance services. U.S. Automotive is a reliable repair shop that can help you with all oil changes, oil filter replacements, and other service needs. As a family-operated business, we're committed to the convenience and integrity that make your auto repair experience great.

Written by U.S. Automotive