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ASE Certified Techs–Keeping You On the Road

US Automotive in Ozark, MO is all about your engine working smarter, not harder. That’s how we keep your vehicle on the road for as long as you need it and retain its resale value. Most drivers buy vehicles as a long-term investment. One sign of a vehicle that’s been mistreated is an early retirement or consistent performance problems. Owners often get fed up with their vehicle so they decide to move on by selling the vehicle and buying a new one. This may not be the most cost-effective way to secure reliable transportation.

The Master technicians at US Automotive know a better way! Bring your vehicle to our shop of experts for factory scheduled maintenance and an efficient service plan. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding costly auto repairs and maintaining quality engine performance. Save your vehicle and save your money! Let the ASE Certified techs at US Automotive show you how to protect your vehicle and extend its road-life.

Preventative Maintenance Service–Full-Service Auto Repairs

All of our auto repairs start with service expertise. That’s the higher standard that we’ve become known for. Protect your vehicle’s engine with a consistent oil change schedule. The engine is your vehicle’s most important component, and the oil change is what keeps it running. Tune-ups, lube services, alignment services, and engine diagnostics are just a few of the maintenance services that we provide.

US Automotive’s facility in Ozark, MO is on your vehicle’s path to peak performance. Stop by to meet our expert technicians and we’ll show you a better way to care for your vehicle. If your vehicle experiences a breakdown or performance malfunction, bring it to US Automotive before you receive any expensive repair. We handle everything, from bumper-to-bumper, and from routine maintenance to major repairs. When your engine, transmission, exhaust system, braking system, steering and suspension, or any other component are malfunctioning, bring it to our auto repair shop. We’re the preferred alternative to any dealership.

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Our specialized services will give your vehicle the attention that it’s been craving. It takes a pair of highly trained eyes and hands to properly service your vehicle. US Automotive uses a factory-scheduled maintenance plan to keep you ahead of all costly repairs and breakdowns. Your vehicle is special to you (and to us!) and shouldn’t be treated like every other vehicle in our garage. We consider your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when performing all repairs and maintenance services. Give us a call today at 417-581-7001 to schedule your next auto repair service.


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