Your Springfield Mechanic Shop is Here For Spring Maintenance

Your Springfield Mechanic Shop is Here For Spring

Although the lasting effects of Mother Nature are still lingering, it’s never too early to think of spring. Technically, it is spring! That being said, it’s time to consider a visit to your trusted Springfield mechanic shop, U.S. Automotive. Because winter in this part of the country can be especially tough on vehicles, it should come as no surprise that now is the best time of year for maintenance. In this article, we’re offering a few areas for spring maintenance consideration. automotive repair Springfield, MO

Tire conditions

From potholes to salt, your tires are first in line for winter abuse. Because of that, leaks and other damage become common. Thus, checking the pressure and current state of your tires can bring peace of mind that your vehicle will safely get you where you need to go. Even if you’re looking to swap out winter tires for your performance ones, checking in with a professional shop is always recommended. Your team of trust professionals will ensure correct mounting, balance, and alignment are all in place before you drive away.

Fluid checks

From oil to brakes, power steering to coolant, all fluid levels need to be topped. While vehicles naturally run hotter during the spring and summer months, making sure your levels are at proper levels will prevent potentially costly repairs down the road.

AC system check

When summer gets underway, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for ac work. Save yourself the trouble and get ahead of the lines by scheduling your system check while it’s still chilly outside! Believe us, when the hot and humid days set in, you’ll be happy you did!

Windshields and wipers

Other common mishaps of the winter months are cracked windshields and worn-out wipers. While wipers are an inexpensive and quick fix, windshields may become costly if left unattended. Too often, we see unattended little dings turn into a full windshield replacement. By acting sooner than later, you may be able to save hundreds in replacement costs.

It’s a perfect time for detailing

There’s nothing quite like a detail after the dirty winter season. Treat your car, and yourself, to detail and drive away feeling like you’re driving a brand new vehicle!

Emergency kits

Often emergency kits are filled with seasonal items. Whether you utilized your kit over the winter or not – it’s always a good habit to check in and reinspect the items you have on hand.

Now is the best time of the year to show your vehicle a little TLC. As the most trusted Springfield mechanic shop, our team at U.S. Automotive is here to help with all of your vehicle’s needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with a team you can trust!

Written by U.S. Automotive