Suspension Repair in Springfield, Missouri

Let's Talk About Driving with a Bad Suspension

Suspension Review

Let's talk suspension. In case you've forgotten, the suspension system is the collection of components that connects your vehicle's frame to the wheels/tires which, in turn, hold your auto to the road. These parts work in unison to provide a decent quality of ride, the ability to steer effectively, and safe levels of traction. If you're concerned that your automobile has a suspension problem, bring it to the professional technicians at U.S. Automotive in Springfield, Missouri (Sunshine St. location). Our experienced staff can help you smooth out those bumps in the road, helping your ride to be safer and more comfortable.

Components, Driveability, and the Suspension System

Perhaps you're wondering if you can drive with a bad suspension system. Although all suspension problems should be addressed sooner rather than later, the general answer is that it depends on what is wrong. You can make it a bit farther if certain problems exist, but you'll need immediate help from others. For instance, a worn shock absorber makes for a less comfortable drive, and you should reduce speed to compensate for related issues like dipping, but you can drive carefully until your suspension repair appointment. Likewise, you can drive slowly and very cautiously if your power steering is giving trouble, though you may feel like you're getting a workout as you steer. Other issues, however, are more hazardous. For example, you shouldn't continue driving on a flat tire. You lack appropriate maneuverability, and you'll probably damage your wheel. Also, a damaged driveshaft will cause extreme vibrations, and continued motion could cause it to break. Broken springs and struts create passenger discomfort, but more importantly, they lead to situations where you lack control as your car crosses bumps. You shouldn't continue driving until you repair these components because you risk losing control of your vehicle.

Reputable Suspension Repair

Whether you need repair for a broken component, worn parts, or wheel alignment correction, bring your vehicle to U.S. Automotive. Our technicians are equipped to handle any make or model. Furthermore, we back our work with a great 36-month/36,000 mile warranty. If you need to stretch out the payments, ask about our financing plan. We even provide extra perks such as washing your automobile before returning it to you. Don't deal with a bad suspension. Visit us instead.

Written by U.S. Automotive