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How To Stop Your Vehicle’s Drift--US Automotive

Straighter Driving is Safer Driving

Driving in a straight line is the least you can expect out of your vehicle’s performance. Perfectly straight wheels are hard to come by though, especially if you aren’t giving your vehicle the proper attention. Responsible drivers take notice of every warning sign and take action. Tire alignment needs are a result of normal wear-and-tear on the road. The first warning sign is a slight drift to the right or left when driving. Let your hands rest lightly on the steering wheel and that will tell you just how misaligned your wheels are.

Get a grip, and steer your vehicle to US Automotive in West Springfield, MO for precise tire alignment service. Every vehicle needs professional attention to its alignment. It doesn’t take much to cause a vehicle to become misaligned. The longer you take to get to our shop, the worse your vehicle’s alignment will become. This is not only dangerous, but will also end up costing you more in tire replacements.

Protect Your Tire Tread–Quality Tire Alignment

If you’ve been driving a vehicle with misaligned tires for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to it and learned to compensate. Even if you no longer notice the drifting, it can compromise safe driving at the worst possible time. What you won’t be able to adjust to is the effect it will have on your tires. You invested a lot of money in a new set of premium tires, and we want you to get the most out of your investment.

If your tires need an alignment service, the tread on your tires will wear down unevenly. One side of your tires will appear “like new,” and the other half will be balding. Hopefully, you’ll notice this pattern before it’s too late. Come to us soon enough, and we’ll be able to save your tires and perform tire alignment services to exacting standards.

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Our team is here to get you back to safer road travel. Misaligned wheels are not only dangerous, but also very expensive. US Automotive is against unnecessary expenses. This includes all the repairs and parts replacements that could have been avoided. Tire alignment is an auto repair service that we provide to prevent problems down the road. Slight impacts with a curb or pothole can cause a misalignment, and we advise you to see our team to your alignment straight. Give us a call today at 417-865-9511 to schedule your next tire alignment service. Feel free to stop by 1753 South West Bypass anytime because we gladly welcome all walk-ins!