Tire Sales and Service in Springfield, Missouri

New Tire Replacement Dos and Don'ts

The Need for Tires

If you operate a vehicle on more than a short-term basis, you're eventually going to need new tires. All drivers know that even though street-grade rubber is tough, it's still a wearable item that can also sustain sudden damage. But did you know that there are some dos and don'ts of tire replacement? At U.S. Automotive in Springfield, Missouri (Sunshine St. location), we're happy to share some relevant information with you. When it's indeed time for new treads we're here to help you select what you need and complete the installation. Thereafter, we'll help you keep your vehicle maintaining proper traction and your investment lasting longer with tire services.

Let's Get Real About the Tire Purchase

Let's be real. Tires aren't cheap. Therefore, it's tempting to try to get by with smaller, just-in-time purchases than with larger, infrequent tire buying visits. This can, however, be a bad idea, so we need to get real about that, too. This is a case where knowledge is definitely power. The truth is that you can get by with purchasing two tires instead of four for some vehicles without noticing a big problem for a while. Some drivers even get by with buying a single tire in an emergency with few noticeable problems--at least for a while. Yet it's also true that for some vehicles, partial tire set replacements create bigger, more expensive problems. This is particularly true if you operate an all-wheel-drive (AWD) model. First, think of what an AWD vehicle is designed to do. In an AWD, power is transferred to all wheels (not just two) as the name indicates. Some models operate in this mode all the time, while others engage all wheels only when needed. As part of the AWD design, the vehicle is always "observing" to detect slippery or hazardous conditions and make appropriate adjustments. (That's the value of all-wheel drive. It adapts for you.) If you replace only one tire, its size is slightly larger than its axle partner that has been driven, wearing tread rubber away. One tire, therefore, turns faster than the other to keep up. Your vehicle thinks it's slipping and constantly fights to adjust. It's best to have tires with like wear, rotating them between the front and back at regular intervals to promote even tread use.

Your Personal Tire Sales and Service Shop

You can find personalized tire sales and service nearby at U.S. Automotive. As a family-oriented business, we pay attention to each customer's and vehicle's unique needs. Our experienced technicians are familiar with all makes and models, so you can feel assured that your tires are right for your automobile and maintained well.

Written by U.S. Automotive