Transmission Repair in Ozark, Missouri

Shifty Shifting: Why Won't the Transmission Change Gears?

You Expect Reliability

Each time you start your vehicle and head off to your destination, you expect it to be reliable. That includes the assumption that your transmission will change from one gear to the next as needed without problems such as grinding or hard shifts. Should you experience difficult shifting or if the transmission won't budge at all, you'll need to have it checked. When this happens, you also expect reliability from an auto shop. That's exactly what you'll get when you entrust your vehicle to U.S. Automotive in Ozark, Missouri. Our experienced technicians work with all makes and models, so they'll know exactly what your ailing transmission needs.

Potential Shifting Problems

The nature of your transmission trouble could depend upon which type your automobile has. Both manual and automatic models, for example, employ linkages (cables) between the shifter and the transmission. These are usually trouble-free, but if they break, you can't shift because the message you're sending by using the shift inside the passenger cabin isn't communicated to the transmission itself. Specific to a manual, synchronizers (commonly referenced as "synchros") smooth out the transition of the gears (which are spinning quickly). These can wear out over time, especially in cars whose drivers are aggressive on the roadway. Worn synchros can produce gear grinding and may eventually prevent the transmission from shifting at all. Synchros replacement is typically a less expensive repair than rebuilding or replacing the entire transmission unit. Also, a clutch that is worn or needs adjustment may present itself as a shifting problem. Clutch repair or perhaps even replacement may be necessary. In vehicles with automatic transmissions, a common problem is insufficient or dirty transmission fluid. It's crucial that your transportation have enough fluid to properly lubricate and cool the transmission. Thus, a low fluid level creates an obvious problem. Dirty fluid, too, can become an issue if trash lodges against internal components, preventing them from functioning well or being properly lubricated. This calls for transmission fluid exchange and perhaps a transmission flush. Sometimes, a shifting problem isn't a transmission issue at all. The unit's function is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU). A computer malfunction could be the culprit. Finally, there is at least one problem you can temporarily fix yourself until you can reach our shop. If the shift lock safety feature malfunctions, preventing you from engaging the gears, check your owner's manual for the override method.

Transmission Repair Near You

Although nobody wants to experience gear shift failures, transmission repair doesn't have to be inconvenient. U.S. Automotive is nearby and ready to take care of your transmission repair needs. We offer many customer conveniences, a financing option, and even loaner cars.

Written by U.S. Automotive