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Our ASE Certified techs are all on their way to master status, and we perform exceptional auto repair services. Every road trip and daily commute should be done with complete confidence in your vehicle’s performance. That’s what we promise our customers when they trust us with their auto services. We maintain the highest standards of service, with preventative maintenance service plans that keep you on the road. Stay two steps ahead of any costly repair or breakdown.

At US Automotive, we keep it simple. Why wait until your car is undrivable and needs a towing service before letting our Masters get a look under the hood? Our teams make sure your vehicle receives the proper attention and services long before any performance issue. We believe you can drive a vehicle that never gives you trouble. Even with excessive road travel and wear-and-tear, we can protect your vehicle’s engine and overall performance. A large part of our “knowing cars” is not just knowing how to fix them, but knowing how to keep them in excellent condition.

Accurate Engine Diagnostics–Come to US Automotive First!

Get the right repair at our facility. The hassle-free service you receive from US Automotive includes utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to let you know exactly what’s wrong. Our experienced and well-trained technicians have seen it all and fixed it all. Fortunately, we’ve learned how to help our customers avoid costly repairs. We handle everything from minor to major repairs. You can be confident that whatever problem you’re experiencing can be solved by our technicians.

Before your vehicle has any problems, bring it to us for an effective maintenance service plan. We’ll perform factory-scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance keeps your engine running stronger and longer. A consistent oil change schedule ensures proper lubrication and gas mileage. Timely tune-ups, lube services, engine diagnostics, wheel alignment and more prevent problems down the road. Should you have any problems with your engine, transmission, exhaust system, air conditioning, braking system, or any other component, just visit our expert facility.

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US Automotive in West Springfield, MO has been servicing this community since 1986. In that time, we’ve developed a stellar reputation for top-notch repairs and maintenance. We want to invite you to experience a higher level of auto service. You have better things to do than be at an auto repair shop, stressing about your vehicle’s performance.

Let us take away all that stress by fixing that slow leak, that knocking sound, or check engine light. Give us a call today at 417-865-9511 to schedule your next auto repair service. We’re the best that West Springfield has to offer. Getting you back on the road in the quickest, most reliable, and most affordable way possible is our priority. However, our #1 priority is your safety and the safety of your passengers. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now!

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