Brake Repair in Springfield, Missouri

What To Do About Soft Brakes

Soft is Good--Unless it's Your Brakes

Soft is good--unless that cushy feeling is related to your vehicle's brakes. A comforting pillow to cushion your head after a long day is wonderful, but a spongy feeling brake pedal incites fear. Will you be able to stop your car in time? Since that answer is uncertain, bring your vehicle to U.S. Automotive in Springfield, Missouri, at our Sunshine St. location, for brake repair at the first sign of trouble. You shouldn't take a chance by driving with inadequate stopping power, and you don't have to. Our experienced technicians are equipped to work on any make or model, treating every automobile as if it were their own.

What Should You Do?

Usually, a soft pedal points to a lack of sufficient brake fluid and hydraulic force. Your braking system works by sending the fluid through hoses, multiplying the force you apply to the pedal to the point that it can move braking components into place to slow and stop your car. The absence of the solid feel of the pedal under your foot means that something is preventing the pressure from remaining high enough. If you experience this event while driving, try pumping the brake pedal to see if you can build pressure. If so, once you feel the brakes taking hold, apply steady pressure to the pedal until your automobile stops. Don't continue driving the vehicle. Have it towed to our facility for repairs. If you cannot build pressure, gradually engage the emergency (parking) brake to stop. Once we receive your car, we'll check to see if the brake fluid level is low. A sudden drop in the amount of fluid on hand probably indicates another issue, so we'll look for fluid leaks anywhere in the system, including along the brake lines, in the wheel cylinders, and around the brake calipers. Also, we'll examine the master cylinder to see if it's cracked or otherwise damaged. Any breach in the system can allow brake fluid to escape and air bubbles to enter, disrupting the building of hydraulic force. Regardless of the problem, we can repair your brakes and return your auto to the road safely.

Reliable Brake Repair Near You

Sudden problems such as a soft pedal can most often be prevented with routine brake inspections and timely brake services. Also, it's important that you report any warning signs to your technician. These include grinding, squealing, burning smells, and extended stopping distances. At U.S. Automotive, we value our customers and provide reliable brake service to ensure that our neighbors can drive safely.

Written by U.S. Automotive