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Imagine hopping behind the wheel of your recently-washed and detailed vehicle, knowing that you’re already running late. When you set the GPS to direct you to a very important destination, you expect your driving skills, knowledge of the area, and your vehicle’s performance will get you to the destination in plenty of time. It could be anywhere from the office building of your next job interview to your blind date’s home address. The last thing you expect is your vehicle’s engine to pick now to give you trouble. But as “Murphy’s Law” would have it, your vehicle doesn’t want to cooperate. When your vehicle is suffering from a lack of quality service and attention, it’s liable to breakdown at the most inopportune time. US Automotive in Springfield, MO handles it all from bumper-to-bumper, making sure your vehicle stays road-ready. Our preventative maintenance plans are meant to recognize and service any potential problems. Let us help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns with a factory-scheduled maintenance plan.

Industry-Leading Service Guarantee!

You’ve made an excellent choice in vehicle transportation. You shouldn’t stop there though! Your choice in auto service facility can be the difference between comfortable, convenient, and affordable road travel and being on the side of the road. Protecting your engine’s quality performance starts with a timely oil change service schedule. Our clean and consistent oil changes, tune-ups, lube service, diagnostic services, inspections, and more are the key to preserving your vehicle’s heart–its engine. Normal road travel can lead to a repair need that US Automotive is ready to handle with speed and accuracy. When you notice any problems with your vehicle’s performance, bring it to the US Automotive technicians. Our ASE Certified and ASE Master technicians are here for you before, during, and after you notice a repair need. We handle all minor and major services; including engine, transmission, exhaust, alignment, braking system, steering and suspension repairs, and much more. Our dedicated customers already know that we provide the best auto service experience!