Transmission in Springfield, Missouri

How Do We Diagnose Transmission Problems?

Some Things Are Obvious

Some things are obvious. If your vehicle won't budge even though you've put it in gear and pressed the accelerator, or if it goes into a different gear unexpectedly at an inappropriate time while you're driving, it's clear that you likely have a transmission issue. However, those observable signs can be triggered by various causes, things you can't see from the driver's seat. Also, some warning signals of car trouble may indicate multiple underlying causes so that the problem could be something other than the transmission. If you suspect a transmission problem, bring your vehicle to U.S. Automotive in Springfield, Missouri (Sunshine St. location). In business for nearly four decades, our technicians have a combined quarter-century of experience working on any make or model. That makes us your best local shop for transmission repair.

Diagnosing What Can't Be Seen

Because our mechanics are knowledgeable and thorough, they take a comprehensive approach to ensure that a potential transmission issue is properly diagnosed. First, someone on our staff takes the time to discuss your car with you, noting your driver observations regarding hard shifts, grinding gears, or burning odors. Then we look underneath for any tell-tale signs of a transmission fluid leak. Further, we connect our diagnostic scanner to your automobile. This computerized device will generate trouble codes to represent several mechanical problems. If there is a transmission shifting problem or an engine control unit (ECU) malfunction in directing the transmission, we'll be able to determine that. Once we know the exact trouble, we'll discuss the issue and potential solutions with you. Each circumstance is unique. You may need no more than a transmission flush and transmission fluid exchange to breathe new life back into your car. A transmission rebuild may suffice if the damage isn't widespread and you're on a budget. However, if there's extensive damage or if you're ready to be done with the prospect of any transmission trouble for a while, you might opt for a transmission replacement.

Transmission Repair You Can Trust

It's important to choose a transmission repair shop you can trust. Inaccurate diagnosis and shoddy repairs cause you to spend money, perhaps unnecessarily, while receiving questionable results that may not last. U.S. Automotive has earned a reputation for exemplary work backed by a 36-month/36,000 mile warranty, making us your local source for transmission repair.

Written by U.S. Automotive